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MIXIT is a family of programs that you can use to create diets (rations and recipes) based on the ingredients and nutrients that you select. The software uses linear programming to calculate least cost diets. See Computer Feed Formulation.

MIXIT software and related programs have been purchased by thousands of nutritionists, feedmills, consultants, veterinarians, schools, beef and swine producers, dairy and poultry producers, fish producers, university researchers, farmers and ranchers in every state of the United States and over 100 other countries. These factors have made the MIXIT programs the most popular feed formulation programs in the world.

MixitWin Professional least cost feed formulation software for Microsoft Windows

MixitWin is a professional feed formulation program for Windows that is powerful, flexible, and easy to use. Producers and nutritionists use MixitWin to calculate rations and ration supplements for all types of animals. With its related programs, MixitWin is also suitable for nutritional consulting, nutrition and product research, and feed mill operations that involve inventory control, feed labels, and price sheets. MixitWin Details

MixitHandy Mobile feed formulation

MixitHandy is a cloud-based feed formulation program that runs anywhere, anytime - even if you don't have an internet connection. Nutritional consultants can use MixitHandy to calculate rations and ration supplements for all types of animals. MixitHandy works on a larger computer screen or a smaller smart device. MixitHandy is a low cost subscription service. MixitHandy Details

MixitPet Home diets for dogs and cats

MixitPet is a program that calculates diets for healthy dogs and cats using foods that may be available in an average household. It is designed for dog and cat owners and is very easy to use. Just select foods from a USDA database and let linear programming calculate a nutritionally balanced diet. MixitPet is free to use. MixitPet Details

Ingredient Data

The USDA Food Composition Database is our newest dataset, perfect for creating custom diets.

Our many datasets include ingredients for feeding:

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