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Agricultural Software Consultants, Inc.

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Our History

Agricultural Software Consultants, Inc. (ASC) was founded in 1979 for the purpose of writing and selling microcomputer programs for agriculture and industry.

ASC's first program, MIXIT-1, ran on a TRS-80 microcomputer with cassette (tape) storage and had only five nutrients: protein, energy, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin A. By 1981, MIXIT-1 had become MIXIT-2, with 57 nutrients and 999 ingredients, that ran on personal computers with floppy disk storage and the MS-DOS operating system. From its inception, MIXIT programs have used linear programming to calculate least cost rations from available feedstuffs while meeting the nutritional needs of the animals.

The DOS programs MIXIT-2+ and MIXIT-3+ were created in 1985. They allow, in addition, 5000 formulas and 50 constraints per formula. ASC's first Microsoft Windows program, MixitWin, appeared in 1997. MixitWin can have an unlimited number of nutrients, ingredients, formulas (rations or diets), and constraints. In 2022, ASC announced MixitHandy, a cloud-based feed formulation program designed specifically for mobile devices; and MixitPet, a program that helps users make nutritionally balanced diets for dogs and cats from common household foods.

Over the years, ASC extensively modified the programs, expanded their range of applications, and added animal data for nearly all types of livestock. MIXIT software and related programs have been purchased by thousands of nutritionists, feedmills, consultants, veterinarians, schools, beef and swine producers, dairy and poultry producers, fish producers, university researchers, farmers and ranchers in every state of the United States and over 100 other countries.

Least cost feed formulation software since 1979.