Home diets for dogs and cats

MixitPet is free for use by dog and cat owners - and also by veterinarians - who want to create nutritionally balanced diets for healthy dogs and cats by using foods that may be available in ordinary households.

Program details

MixitPet uses linear programming to calculate nutritionally balanced diets. Diets, and their nutrient contents, are displayed and can be saved to text files. If the selected foods cannot produce a balanced diet, a partial diet is shown along with the nutrient constraints that are not met.  

Program sources

MixitPet was created by Agricultural Software Consultants, Inc.(ASC) It has nutrients and ingredients selected from the USDA National Nutrient Database and nutrient requirements for healthy dogs and cats from the National Research Councils's publication "Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats"(NRC). The minimum and maximum Nutrient requirements for dogs and cats are the "Recommended Allowance" and "Safe Upper Limit" columns of Tables 15-5 and 15-12 of NRC, with modifications.  

MIXIT Agricultural Software Consultants, Inc.

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