Professional least cost feed formulation software for Microsoft Windows

MixitWin is a professional feed formulation program for nutritionists and feedmill operators. The program calculates commercial animal rations and premixes based on the ingredients and nutrients that you select. MixitWin is powerful, flexible, easy to use, and has all of the features of a modern single-mix feed formulation program including a list of common ingredients with their nutrient amounts and the ability to mix these ingredients into rations and print reports based on these rations. There is no limit to the number of ingredients, nutrients and rations you can use. There is free email support, and no annual fees.

With MixitWin you can print balanced ration reports, multiple ration reports, and batch weight reports for mill operators; export or import data with spreadsheets and text files; use the American or metric system; and select English or Spanish. MixitWin has related programs for nutritionists and feedmills, including feed labels, automatic processing of rations, parametric reports, price sheets, inventory control, and least cost mixing of multiple rations.

Mature, robust, and powerful - if there's a feature you require, MixitWin very likely has it -  Contact Us to confirm. 

Computer requirements

MixitWin runs on a Windows 10 or better computer. MixitWin is built on the Microsoft Access database engine, part of the Microsoft Office family of software. You are not required to purchase or use Microsoft Office to run MixitWin as the setup software installs a free runtime version of MS Access.

MixitWin runs on Mac computers in a virtual Windows environment.

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